Viola, a character design/illustration for the March Ascension challenge over at Draw or Die. She’s supposed to be the daughter of the Julius character from last month. The goal was to draw her in a bad-ass pose, so I decided to have her leading her armies to victory and vengeance for her father’s death. Then […]

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Here’s a pic I did for the February Draw or Die challenge. Character’s name is Julius, and I got 2nd place with this one. He was supposed to be modeled after Matthew McConaghey, but I got a little vain and used myself for the reference. Hope you enjoy!

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The Cube

Here’s another image from my personal project. It started out as an experiment with using Sketchup, and it sorta got out of hand. Hope you enjoy!

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The Abbott girls

Hi all!!! These are a couple of commissions from my neighbors. They wanted to have a portrait done of their girls, but couldn’t decide if they wanted a traditional pic or something more fantastic (which is what I normally prefer to do). So in the end they decided to do both! So off I went, […]

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Character designs!

I’M ALIIIIVVEE!!! Hey all, I know it’s been a long bloody time since my last post. I’ve been keeping pretty busy, getting back into an office graphic design job at the first of the year. Been painting a lot, but just haven’t been able to summon up the energy to post on a regular basis […]

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Quick post today. No finished pieces over the last week, but here’s a few sketchy things I’m working on: Some character designs for a project I’m messing around with (the same as that flying beast from last post).

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Rawn – Sky Kings

Here’s a personal piece, kind of a design exploration for that long-gestating story I’ve been piddling with. It’s sort of inspired by Avatar, How to Train Your Dragon, a little post-apoc, a little steampunk… all sorts of different things. It was challenging trying to get the beasts to stand out properly, as I want them […]

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Tomb – Ascension 12

My entry for September’s Ascension 12 challenge over at Draw or Die. Can’t believe it’s been a year already since we got this whole thing rolling. This one was more of a line art challenge, so it was a nice departure to do something a little more comic-style. Side note: I’ve got a new portfolio […]

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Rawn Flight

Hey all, short post here. Working on several projects at once now, including what I’m calling my first “REAL” (outside my immediate circle of friends and co-workers) book cover commission!

This is a creature design/mood piece I’m fiddling with for my personal project. I needed some more Magic: The Gathering style art in my portfolio, so I thought this might be a good way to beef it up a little.

I’m also in the process of putting together a new, simpler portfolio site for Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going anywhere! I just want something simple that I can use and not have to include at every url.

Here’s the lineart on that piece, hope you enjoy!

rawn flight, flying, creature, lance, dragoon, floating, islands,

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Engineered to the Future

These are some illustrations done for the cover and cover story spread for this year’s Ole Miss Engineering magazine. The goal obviously was to go for a big Back to the Future vibe. The theme┬álent itself well to the subject, as we could fit in all sorts of fun little easter eggs into the cover […]

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WormWorld Fan Art Entry

Here’s my entry for Daniel Lieske’s fan art competition for his WormWorld Saga comic!!! Update: I got in!!! I’ll be one of 9 artists (some extremely talented ones at that) who will be published in the English edition of the WormWorld Saga, Vol. 1!!! This is seriously too cool for school. I’ve absolutely loved Daniel’s […]

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