Space Mermaids! – Ascension 23 (With process GIF!)

Man, hard to believe it’s been almost two years since I got involved with Draw or Die.

This month’s challenge is art directed by the amazing Ross Tran. RossDraws, for the YouTube uninitiated. If you’ve never seen his videos, get thee hence and bask in the glory.

The theme was “redesign a mermaid,” so I thought it would be fun to take them out of the water altogether and come up with a design for a mermaid species that frolics, dolphin-like, with the ships that pass through the hyperspace lanes passing near Saturn. So, here’s the result!

You can see in the process .gif that I originally went with more of a Star Wars-y hyperspace look, but it proved to be really difficult and distracting once I got to the coloring stage. So, I scrapped it and went with a blurry star field. I think it still gets across the look I was going for, without all the visual noise. Although the grayscale phase went really smoothly, I struggled a LOT with the color on this one. At one point I thought to try a warm look, but that just didn’t fly. Pardon the pun. Eventually once I backed it into the cool range, it seemed to start working better.

Hope you enjoy!


space mermaid eric summers ascension 23


Aaaannnnd, the process gif! You can see I started out more widescreen…

space mermaid process gif eric summers

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