The Order of the Phoenix

Here be a little piece I did a month or so ago in some downtime. No real story behind it, other than I absolutely love the climax of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I wanted to do something that would show a Death Eater menace without actually painting a bunch of Death Eaters. I kind of regret now that I went with the main three characters, so I may go back and rework a version of this with Ginny, Luna, and Neville, but it is what it is 🙂

I had fun with it anyway.

As far as process goes, I’ve been relying heavily on grayscale-to-color over the last few months. I got some great advice on the subject while I was at Spectrum this year, so I’ve been trying to implement it. My man Mike Thompson also dropped a GREAT video on the use of Photoshop gradient maps, so I’ve been incorporating that as well. Here’s the link to the vid if you wanna check it out.

Hope you enjoy!

harry potter and the order of the phoenix by eric summers

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