Dragons!!! Ascension XXI

This month’s Draw or Die Ascension challenge is overseen by none other than Alex Konstad, quite the purveyor of unusual dragons. This month’s assignment was to draw yourself with your dragon. Simple as that.

This one was an interesting departure for me, as I was trying out a new technique I picked up at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live from the ever-amazing Dominick Saponaro.

One of the prints I bought from Dom at Spectrum. The guy is a genius, seriously.
One of the prints I bought from Dom at Spectrum. The guy is a genius, seriously.

I’ve tried going grayscale-to-color many times in the past with my work, but I’ve never been able to make it work properly. I’ve always gotten the advice to start working in color as quickly as I can in the process, and it’s made some pieces…difficult, to say the least. However, Dominick and Tyler Jacobson both suggested that I wait until the end of the value drawing to start working in color, and the idea appealed to me a lot more.

So, on this one, I fully rendered the grayscale drawing to about 95% finish before I started laying in a simplified palette via color/overlay modes. A top finishing layer wrapped things up pretty well, I think.

I was really tickled at this method, because I feel my values are much stronger than my color work, and it honestly was SOOOOOO much easier to not have to focus so much on hue. With my color-blindness I have a tendency to overcompensate and rainbow vomit all over the canvas rather than start restrained. I unfortunately didn’t save my progress shots on this, but time-wise it went much faster than any of my more recent pieces. I’m using the method on my current piece, and really taking my time on the value drawing to try and level-up my rendering skills a bit.

Hope you enjoy!

eric summers self-portrait with dragon

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