Hi all, feels like I haven’t posted any art in forever. So here’s something to remedy that while some other stuff I’m doing is under NDA! I struggled a lot on this one, primarily with adding color to a grayscale painting. Sometimes it just clicks, sometimes you have to grab it by the horns and hump it into submission.

Anyway, this is a little further development on a character from my story I’m SLOOOOWWLY working on. Heavily inspired by a couple of things: the Blood Elf scene from the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade cinematic, a reference photo I’ve been wanting to use for a while, and a desire to make some temples in Sketchup.

I’m not super-happy with this, but I need to move onward and upward. I have portfolio reviews with Daren Bader of Rockstar Games, Jeremy Cranford of Blizzard, and Deb Freytag of Fantasy Flight Games during my time at Spectrum this year, so I want to make it count. I got two weeks until showtime, so let’s see what I can come up with.


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