Engineered to the Future

These are some illustrations done for the cover and cover story spread for this year’s Ole Miss Engineering magazine.

The goal obviously was to go for a big Back to the Future vibe. The theme lent itself well to the subject, as we could fit in all sorts of fun little easter eggs into the cover image, such as the iPhone and Google Glass, which both have related stories within the magazine. I tried to stay away from a likeness of Michael J. Fox, and tried to make it look more like a generic engineering student. It also helped that the University of MS Lyceum is a dead ringer for the Hill Valley clock tower. I went to campus one day, shot some reference photos, and off we went.

The clients wanted the interior shot to actually resemble Christopher Lloyd, so I found a great reference shot in the movie (boy that was some haaaaard research 😛 ) and went from there. I posed for both images, and my wife was kind enough to shoot a few photos for me.

I’m pretty happy with how these turned out, all told. I originally had painted in a hoverboard on both images, but the clients felt it didn’t help the story they wanted to tell, so it was ultimately dropped. Both of these were done in line first, then grayscale and eventually color through Jon Foster’s selective color method. I’ve been using that a lot recently and getting great results with it. The method actually makes things interesting because there’s always this “Oh my God, this picture looks awful and I’m never going to salvage it” phase. But the last 1/4 or so always brings the pieces together and gives me good results. I highly recommend checking out his video at this link.

Hope you enjoy!

back to the future ole miss engineeringdoc brown ole miss engineering

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