WormWorld Fan Art Entry

Here’s my entry for Daniel Lieske’s fan art competition for his WormWorld Saga comic!!!

Update: I got in!!! I’ll be one of 9 artists (some extremely talented ones at that) who will be published in the English edition of the WormWorld Saga, Vol. 1!!! This is seriously too cool for school.

I’ve absolutely loved Daniel’s work since I saw his initial concept painting for the series back in ’08 or whenever it was. It was for some CGHub competition, and I was just blown away by it. Safe to say I’ve cyber-stalked his work since then, and really come to love what he’s doing with WormWorld. When I heard he was doing a fan art competition to be included within the U.S. edition of the printed comic, I had to get involved.

So here it is!

I have to say I’ve had more fun painting this than with any piece I’ve done in a long while. This is the type of thing I really love to do, and I think it shows. It really makes me want to break out my long-dormant children’s book and rework all the illustrations from scratch.

Hope you enjoy!

jonas worm world saga fanart


Update: Here’s a step-by-step of how I created this. Enjoy!


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