Portrait commissions open

Hi everyone! Gonna do something for the first time ever today. I’m opening up for a round of 8×10 bust-style digital portrait commissions between now and December 15th!!! Below are some examples!

To start, I’ll have 35 slots open, with two choices of style; black and white (B/W), and full color. B/W will run $50 per person, and full-color will be $100/per. Pretty much any subject is available. Yourself, kids, grandparents, pets, you name it. All I need from you is a good quality reference photo (or several, if you have them!). I reserve the right to refuse commissions if reference quality is too poor.

I can do multiple portraits on one illustration (if you have more than one child, for instance, or want to do husband/wife or something) but price per person remains the same (so for example a family of three would cost $150 for B/W, or $300 for full-color) because of time involved in putting together a composition. Any commission involving multiple portraits will be upgraded to 11×14 hi-res file.

Deliverables include a high resolution print-ready file. If requested, I can also offer a high-quality gloss print and simple frame for a nominal fee. Payment on B/W commissions is due up front. For full-color portraits, 50% is due at start, with balance payable upon completion. No commissions will be delivered that aren’t paid in full. Slots will be first-come, first served to paid customers.

So if you’re looking for a cool, unique Christmas present for those loved ones that already have everything, a timeless keepsake of your children, or just a neat portrait of yourself to show off to visitors, shoot me a message or comment below, get your refs ready, and let’s make some magic!

BradySept2014 WillSmith Mom2014

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