Recent Design Works

Hi all! I haven’t posted any design work in quite some time, so I figured I’d rectify that particular situation. Here we go!!!

PMQ Stuff

I’m still working on quite a bit of stuff for PMQ Pizza Magazine, so let’s start with them.

National Pizza Month
October is National Pizza Month (yes, it’s a real thing), and my boss determined that we should, for the first time ever, offer pizzerias a free downloadable graphic that they can use on their promotional materials. Boxes, flyers and the like. So, out of a couple of options and a committee or two, came the National Pizza Month banner. Below the logo is an ad for the September issue of PMQ that promotes both NPM and our free subscriptions.

National Pizza Month logo
Don’t forget October is National Pizza Month!!!

pmq national pizza month subscription ad

I haven’t posted a layout in a long time, so here’s an opening spread I put together for the August issue. It was a lot of fun copying The Price is Right logo 🙂


PMQ Russia
This thing has been the biggest hassle, but I’m also—in my freelance time—putting together the inaugural issue of PMQ Russia. I’m here to tell you that designing a language you don’t speak is pretty darn tricky.

pmq russia spread


Robin Street PR Person of the Year packet

A friend and neighbor, who happens to be a public relations guru, contracted me last month to put together an entrant’s packet for her. She’d been nominated for a national PR Person of the Year award. I don’t know yet whether she won the award or not, but it was fun working with her and trying to make her look as professional as we could on a limited budget. Here are a few pages from the packet. You can see how I used color and spatial relations to continue the theme throughout the entire 46-page pack.



National Institute of Undersea Science and Technology

NIUST is a group I’ve been working with for several years now, through a friend and former co-worker. I really dig the stuff they do out at the Field Station, but they’ve never before now seen a necessity to brand themselves as an entity. Once the decision was made, I got the call, and went to work putting together options for a logo that worked well on its own, but also related to previous sub-branding done with subsidiary ventures and materials. Here’s where we wound up:

NIUST LOGO - National Institute of Undersea Science and Technology


Oxford Film Festival

This was a fun one as well. Done on trade out for lots of fun festival goodies and meet-and-greet opportunities, this poster will be used to promote the 2015 Oxford Film Festival. Now in its twelfth year, the OFF brings a lot of stars and independent filmmakers to the Oxford area for several days of premieres and hobnobbing. This particular version isn’t quite complete, as there will be sponsor info across the bottom area, but you can see where it’s headed. The idea was to use the idea of a clock (a storytelling device highly prevalent in independent films) in a quirky manner. We went for a clean, modern style of typography overlaying a more antique feel for the overall design. I’m pretty happy with how this came out, although I think a tilt to the type could have been a lot of fun.

12th annual Oxford Film Festival poster


The Farmers’ Market

This was a quick project for a local community farmers market store. I put together about 5-6 options for this, but the owner really liked the idea of using a piece of okra for the main graphic. You don’t see it very often, and it has a very distinctive shape that automatically says “farmer” and “food.” We stayed with earth tones to keep to the farming motif. The client was very happy with the result.

The Farmers' Market logo, Oxford MS

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