New portraits! And a WIP sketch.

Hi folks!

I wanted to show these off!!! Last night I went to hang out with my friend Michael Foster, a talented photographer who also dabbles in wet plate photography. All Civil War-era, y’know? He’s gotten really, really good at this over the last year, and he asked me to come guinea pig for him while he tested a new lighting rig. As a result, I got probably the best pictures that anyone has ever taken of me. Ever. Check ’em out!

stylus closeup

Aren’t those just the coolest??? The whole tintype process is really really neat to watch. If you ever get the chance, find someone in your area and get them to show you the start-to-finish. It’s a true art.

I apologize for not updating as frequently lately. I’ve got two illustrations in the works that I’ve been having fun with, but don’t want to post on the blog yet until I can get final sign-off from the client. You may have seen them if you follow me over on Facebook. Part-time and freelance design work has been keeping me pretty darn busy as well, so I’ll have some design-related posts before too much longer. Just to prove I’m not slacking on the art front, here are the preliminary sketch and the first steps of the tight drawing for my next Draw or Die Ascension piece. Her name is Parasyte, and she’s sort of the embodiment of Pestilence. There’s a better backstory I’m going to write once I get the piece finished, but it’s still in the early stages.



Hope you enjoy!


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