Croesus and the Great Duck

I was recently contracted out to put together a budget e-book cover for my friend and neighbor Walter. I really don’t know what to say about the short story, other than it was utterly bizarre, and I loved it. Very, very fun piece to work on. There’s voodoo, hovercraft, elephant placenta, and ducks. Gave me kind of a Warren Ellis vibe.

Walter was on a pretty tight budget, so I opted to go for a noir-ish black and white cover, with kind of a rough unfinished feel to the drawing. It was also a neat experiment in that I drew part of it traditionally in my sketchbook, then finished it up in Photoshop with some sketchy pencil-style brushes. I don’t normally use that process, but it was a lot of fun. I’ll definitely be trying that again soon.

Anyway, here’s my first-ever e-book cover. I’ll update whenever it’s available for purchase. Hope you enjoy!!!


cover image for Croesus and the Great Duck, an e-book by Walter Blair

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