Ascension 1 revisited

Hey out there everyone!

Well, last week I went to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, and barely took any photos. It was an amazing experience, however, from the immeasurably helpful feedback I got from the likes of John Stanko, Lauren Panepinto, Justin Gerard, Eric Fortune, and Jon Schindehette to the overwhelming amount of great art and sculpture I was able to see up close and personal. I even got to see Iain McCaig (the guy who designed Darth Maul!!!) work his magic in a workshop. Crazy awesome. I met several art buddies from Facebook, and spent two days wandering around the pinnacle of fantasy and sci-fi art.

I honestly don’t know how to describe it, other than this: If you have the opportunity, GO. I think Illuxcon is coming up for the fall, so try that one if you’ve never been. My money situation is pretty tight right now or I’d already have tickets.

Most of the feedback I got on my portfolio was shockingly similar, so I’ve got some hard decisions to make about where I want to go with my art and life. The one piece that everyone seemed to find worthy of repeated comment was my Ascension 1 book cover image, done back in September ’13 for the very first Draw or Die challenge. I’ve always been kind of proud of that one, so it was nice to get some good feedback on it, which I tried to implement here.

Ascension 1 book cover - update May 2014

Hopefully the changes helped push it into a better state.

Hope you enjoy! Now it’s time to go decide where I want to take myself. No pressure there.

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