Maibus: Draw or Die’s Ascension 7 Challenge

Hey out there, I managed to finish this one up (haha yeah right) a day BEFORE deadline! I’ll post the design brief below the pic, but basically this is a companion piece to the Purge character from last month. Please note: I did not write the brief.

Maibus from Draw or Die Ascension 7 challenge



****deadline for this is on the 7th of May. At 7:00 pm EST****

Hey DoD’s!!!

I’m Geoffrey Ernault and I’ll be your Art Director for Ascension 7! A little something about myself, I work for Guerilla Games. I’ve been painting since I was 17 and I love eating honey, painting weird stuff and looking at the stars for hours. I love anything that’s mixing something chaotic/ repulsing and actually makes it aesthetic and appealing.
I’m really excited to be doing this month’s challenge, so thank you for having me and I’m hoping to see some amazing art from you guys!

Since the Ascension challenges are geared towards illustration and card art, let’s do an awesome illustration challenge… SHALL WE? 

*Ricky’s note: Fun fact: Geoffrey was the spark behind Draw or Die. He was nice enough to give me crits all the time and advice. I thought there should be an awesome group where we concentrate solely on crits and motivate each other the way Geoff and other artists did to me. And so, Draw or Die was born, thanks to amazing people like Geoff*

*** BRIEF ***

3000×4000 300dpi

Incorporate a small title at the top left corner “DRAW OR DIE” and at the bottom of the piece, centered, small font “ASCENSION 7” Fonts and sizes may vary but we want to see your ability to design and be creative with logos as some commissions might require you to make titles as well. So don’t just apply basic text with drop shadow, for example.

The setting is gritty but futuristic. Stay away from clean futuristic designs. Everything in this world has to be worn, torn and has to look like it’s been used. Other than that, anything else goes.

Maibus is female. Medium built. Very curvy. Extremely attractive, cute even… but carries a look that says “don’t mess with me.”
Long Dark hair with light saturated highlights. Asymetrical, but still classy (you decide the length and type)
She has bright blue grey eyes. Make sure you feed off the design from Ascension 6 winner’s purge. Now that we have a feel for our universe, let’s all aim to keep the consistency going as far as design and feel.

The most important thing about her design is that it should be geared for riots.
In other words, her suit should be able to withstand a lot of attacking and or huge crowds. (A really big shoulder pad, perhaps?)
She has super strength so she’s easily able to hold barriers by herself if she needed to.
Her suit should still be comfortable and give her the ability to move freely during battle.
There should be a big M somewhere on her costume.

Her design should be a color palette of blacks, orange red and white.

It’s a long metallic staff that expands and contracts. Make it look like it’s almost robotic and should emanate a color from one of the tertiary colors mentioned above. Like a power source. This thing amplifies her power. It hits you like a semi truck going 200 mph. Guns exist in this universe and you can give her one on a sling if you want… but she likes close quarter combat. Up and personal. “Blood bath time” she calls it. Stay away from the light saber look, it has to look like it’s a light coming out of certain areas in the stick. Like it’s venting off energy or even electricity. Add some elements to it to break the metallic side of it. Like personal stickers, pendants or stuff like that. Mix stuff. Don’t stick to something simple.

Environment Brief:

Alright guys, here’s the kicker, the ENVIRONMENT. I know this is a character based challenge but let’s try something interesting here that will tie everything together. Let’s take Ascension 6’s winning piece background and incorporate it into this piece to tie them together. Don’t copy it line for line but use the color choices and style. I’d also love to see some nice shadow play and strong neonish lights , maybe with bokeh.

Paint Maibus in a sexy pose, battle pose whichever you prefer. Just make her look attractive and aggressive. Maibus is a courageous fighter and natural born leader.

*Information taken from earth’s NWC correctional institution public records.*

Jennifer Elliot
Nom de plume: Maibus (in French, you like that don’t ya?)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 145lbs
Eye Color: Blue grey
Hair: Long Dark hair with light saturated highlights
Trans-Human: Yes (D++C3-1281)

2896- 3 arrests for assault.
2896- 2 arrests for breaking and entering.
* Mason’s Candy store files a restraining order*
2897- Expelled from 3 schools for fighting.
*one teacher under intensive care for a week*
2898- Arrested for base jumping off the Amber Dome Tower on her 7th birthday.
2901- Arrested for the murder of 25 sex offenders.
*bodies were found completely disfigured.

NWC happily took her under their custody. Jennifer was the very first child enrolled in the NWC Sentry program.

The general public views the sentry program as pre-marshall law. Riots have started in several major cities only to end in disaster. The NWC authorized Sentries to engage anyone in their way of their “peace keeping” duties. Sentries are now feared and idolized.

“Jennifer Elliot is a monster” Purge reads the graffiti filled billboard.

“He’s coming… the Purge guy. You want me to send backup?”
“What do I look like? A girl? Send the media… I want the whole world to watch me destroy the fool. In no time, I’ll be running Alpha company in Europa.”

For reasons unknown Purge is hunting down every existing Trans-Human “Sentry” and killing them in cold blood. His next target; “Maibus”
Purge has been labeled as earth’s most notorious villain.
But what does he know that we don’t?

It’s the year 2918.
Earth is now running out of natural resources. Man is now capable of traveling outside the solar system and deeper into the galaxy. Space endeavors are being kept in shadow by the NWC… and so it’s unknown (to most common men) just how far we’ve traveled out into the stars. The colonization of Earth’s Moon, Mars and Europa, is still in progress but the colonies have been successful and are now completely self efficient.

NOTE: The NWC “New World Confederation” is a unification of all sovereign nations on Earth and its colonies. This new unification is also known as the “Bohemian Unity” and is represented by an Owl.

Man is about to embark on their biggest challenge yet; inter-dimensional space travel. Scientists have discovered a way to travel faster than the speed of light. A wormhole is being built outside of the solar system.

Many marvel at the possibilities… and many fear the repercussions.

Most remaining people on earth are scavengers or travelers, with many militia men and killers. Earth is a world of chaos, where only the strong survive. The Bohemian senate is located on Europa, as most higher class citizens are.

Humanity has reached the next level in evolution. .0001 percent of humans are now born with supernatural abilities. They’re called “Trans-humans” Some use their power for good. Others use their power for their own personal profits.

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