Purge final submission

Whoops! Just realized I never posted the final submission to this on the blog. It’s for our Ascension 6 challenge over at Draw or Die. There were SO many good entries on this one. The challenges just keep getting better and better.

I’m trying my best lately to get my figures a little more dynamic, even for the drawings that call for a more static composition. I’ve already gotten some great feedback on this from AD Moh Muhktar and his guest Danar Worya, so I may have an update for this further down the line.

Below the pic is the brief for the challenge. We’ve got a similar one going on currently for Ascension 7, but I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to participate in this one. I’ll leave it to you guys to decide whether I pulled it off or not.




I’m Moh Mukhtar and it is my distinct pleasure and privilege to be your Art Director for Ascension 6! Ricky has asked me to tailor this challenge for card art so you can all benefit from this challenge as you not only gain experience but add to your portfolio as well! We shall keep this “a la Applibot”… Sci-fi, futuristic and, of course, sexy.

Here’s the brief:

Dimensions: 3000×4000 300dpi



Incorporate a small title at the top left corner “DRAW OR DIE” and at the bottom of the piece, centered, small font “ASCENSION 6” Fonts and sizes may vary but I’d like to see your ability to design and be creative with logos as some commissions might require you to make titles as well. So don’t just apply basic text with drop shadow, for example.


The setting is gritty but futuristic. Stay away from clean futuristic designs. Everything in this world has to be worn, torn and has to look like it’s been used. Other than that, anything else goes.


Purge is a Male. Extremely slim with a little muscle definition. Dark brown hair (you decide the length and type) His pupils are red. Not fluorescent red, just red in colour. His name is Redd and his eyes are red so there should be something in his costume that screams RED. Don’t over do it, though. I want to see a good use of complimentary colours and other combinations. Neon lights are good to use, just please don’t scatter them around randomly, or just because it “looks” cool. Give the designs purpose

Incorporate toys in his design. He has the ability to use toys in battle. So be creative!

He will need a good helmet design, it can include a fully covered visor, or just a head-piece with an optic attached, or even just a mask covering half his face.

Since he’s a slim character, he is agile. And agility requires less weight. meaning light armour. And make it look practical.

As for the weapon,

It must be something that only HE has. Something he either created, or dug up an ancient weapon or got it from an alien crash-site, something devastating that managed to help him kill all those heroes. It could be a BFG, a crazy tentacle-barrelled laser cutter, or a shoulder mounted auto-cannon with homing ammunition


Paint Purge in an awesome battle stance as he prepares to fight Maibus. Do not include Maibus… paint only Purge. You can include the environment, but be clever with the composition, use the environment as a tool to draw the viewers eyes to the character.


“I am the Alpha and the Omega”

It’s the year 2918.

Earth is now running out of natural resources. Man is now capable of traveling outside the solar system and deeper into the galaxy. Space endeavors are being kept in shadow by the NWC… and so it’s unknown (to most common men) just how far we’ve traveled out into the stars. The colonization of Earth’s Moon, Mars and Europa, is still in progress but the colonies have been successful and are now completely self efficient.

NOTE: The NWC “New World Confederation” is a unification of all sovereign nations on Earth and its colonies. This new unification is also known as the “Bohemian Unity” and is represented by an Owl.

Man is about to embark on their biggest challenge yet; inter-dimensional space travel. Scientists have discovered a way to travel faster than the speed of light. A wormhole is being built outside of the solar system.

Many marvel at the possibilities… and many fear the repercussions.

Most remaining people on earth are scavengers or travelers, with many militia men and killers. Earth is a world of chaos, where only the strong survive. The Bohemian senate is located on Europa, as most higher class citizens are.

Humanity has reached the next level in evolution. .0001 percent of humans are now born with supernatural abilities. They’re called “Trans-humans” Some use their power for good. Others use their power for their own personal profits.

Meet our hero… errr, Villian. PURGE.

Purge; aka Caleb Redd a trans-human from Earth, grew up like most trans-human children at the time… bullied, in isolation and under the NWC microscope . So he avoided any and all trans-human special programs the Bohemian had to offer, even though it often meant hefty pay. He just wanted to be left alone, have a normal job and live a normal life. Fast forward 19 years. Caleb moved to earth’s moon, where new and fascinating job opportunities were guaranteed (so the banners say) “Toy Maker.” His citizenship was stamped. In order for low class citizens to live on the moon, they had to enroll in the “work to reside” program, which requires citizens 3 years of hard work from potential citizens. Toy making was such an easy job, Caleb decided to stay past his probationary work period and became one of the factory’s best toy makers due to his trans-human capabilities. This is all the NWC knows about Caleb.

Fast forward 5 years. Caleb Redd is now wanted for just about every fathomable crime according to the NWC. He is now known to the world as; Purge.

For reasons unknown Purge is hunting down every existing Trans-Human “Sentry” and killing them in cold blood. The NWC created the “SENTRY” program in order to keep peace around the world and in all existing colonies. Sentries are specially trained trans-humans, each with their very own special capabilities.

Purge has killed the entire Sentry population on the moon.. 11 remain on Earth. His next target is “Maibus” from earth. Purge has been labeled as earth’s most notorious villain. But what does he know that we don’t?

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