The Worldgate – revamp

Wow, has it actually been two weeks since I’ve posted anything here? I am so, so sorry. Honestly, there hasn’t been much going on with me to warrant posting. I finished up my Purge piece for Ascension 6, and I’ll post it up tomorrow, but for now here is a rework of a rework that I put together last night. The original piece was done way back in 2003, and I repainted it a couple of years ago just as a fun project. I always liked the idea, composition and pose on this, so I thought last night that it would be cool to update it for possible portfolio inclusion.

I’m going to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City this May, and hopefully I’ll get lucky enough to score some portfolio reviews. I hold no illusions about coming out of it with work, but it’ll be very nice to finally meet face to face with some of these art directors I’ve been stalking conversing with on Facebook this last 9 months or so. I’ve heard great things about SFAL, so I’m seriously excited about going! It’ll be my first illustration convention, but hopefully not my last. I really want to make Illuxcon in September, and I’ll definitely be going to Dragon*Con in August.

Anyway, here is The Worldgate! I was in the midst of a Wheel of Time re-read when I did this, so I drew some heavy influence from the books as far as the fire swords, high-collared coat and killer mists.

Hope you enjoy!

Fantasy swordsman guards portal to another world

Just for shites and gigglets, here is the original drawing from 2003 and the rework from 2012.






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