Diablo 3 Contest entry

So I tried a bit different tack on my Diablo III entry. There’s no way I can possibly compete with the render skills of all the utterly amazing art that’s been submitted so far, so I went for a more striking, simple composition. I noticed that the vast majority of entries are really dark and gothic and desaturated, with little hotspots of magic and what have you, so I thought I’d take a gamble and go with something super bright yet almost monochromatic. I’ve never tried a lighting scheme quite this intense, and I gotta say it was a LOT of fun to paint over the last two and a half days.

I dunno, I keep trying so hard to get that rendered/painterly style down, but it feels like my most successful pieces are all the comic-style ones like this. Maybe I should just stick to this, since it seems to be working. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and good luck to everyone!

If you want to see an absolute slam-packed abundance of great art, go check out the contest entries here: http://www.deviantart.com/contests/2014/diabloiii/

Eric Summers Diablo 3 DeviantArt contest entry Wizard and fire dragons

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