Purge and Diablo III WIPs

Purge card art challenge

Going to bed, but I just noticed I forgot to post this here. This is a sketch for the next Draw or Die Ascension challenge. Basically it’s an Applibot-style card setup, with a skinny red-eyed dude named Purge who uses toys in his arsenal. So here’s my take on him, with his deadly Jackboxes and his trusty sidekick Velocityraptor.

This was my first time drawing a velociraptor, and it was actually kind of fun I’m looking forward to getting going in earnest on this, but first I’ve got to bang out a super-fast Diablo contest entry because I changed my mind about entering (at the last minute of course).

Speaking of which, here’s what I managed to crap out this evening. He’s a D3 wizard, of course, and going to be standing in front of a Hydra spell. Basically three flaming dragon heads. I have NO clue if I’m going to be able to finish this in time, but I think I’m going to leave it as a straight up comic-style piece, so that should help things along. Might even make me stand out amongst the gajillions of rendered-out masterpieces from all the professionals entering this one. Who knows.

Hope you enjoy!

Diablo III wizard work in progress

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