Raistlin Majere, Dragonlance archmage

Hey folks, here’s a new pic. It’s for a Jeff Easley tribute spearheaded by Jon Schindehette over at The Art Order. If you don’t know Jeff’s work, do yourself a favor and go check it out. He was instrumental in defining the look of D&D/Dragonlance back in the ’80s, and one of my early art heroes. The man could draw dragons like no other. If you’re not familiar with the character, this is Raistlin Majere, and the pic is an homage to Mr. Easley’s painting of Raistlin in his study. I freaking adore that pic, as it defined for me what a wizard is supposed to look like. Here it is, so bask and enjoy!

SUCH an awesome pic. Jeff Easley rules.
SUCH an awesome pic. Jeff Easley rules.

I’ve got a couple of other pics I’m working on at the moment, primarily an entry for Draw or Die’s Ascension 5 challenge, art directed by none other than Reid “Rahll” Southen, who’s a really good fella as well as an intimidating artist. It’s a damn good one, and if you’re interested there’s still 10 days left to get your entry done! There’s also a Final Fantasy contest over at DA that I’m seriously considering entering, just to try out my character design chops and compositional skills.

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