Star Wars – Darklight

Update: I took one last pass at this. Several people in different forums commented on the pose and how it wasn’t “defensive” or “martial arts” enough. Basically everyone thought it was impractical, and I agree with them for the most part. But what I think I wasn’t getting across was that I wanted this guy to look like he was staggered, had the living shit beat out of him, blinded, and wasn’t worrying about “Is this a proper defensive lightsaber technique?”… but more about getting all these Sith off him and survival at any cost. So I said fuck it and went a little berserk with the battle damage. I’m sure it could still use a lot of improvement, but for now it’s on to the next piece. 🙂



Here’s the final on a mock book cover/card art piece. The story behind it is that this blind Padawan is the last survivor of a team of Jedi who ran afoul of a cavern full of feral Sith pureblood, who were long thought to be extinct. This one was interesting to do, in that I took an extremely long time compared to my normal process. I used some selfie ref for the pose, and I nailed down the lineart pretty quickly, but I spent probably five days wrestling with the lighting, which was made up from scratch. Took way too long, but I’m reasonably happy with how it turned out. I think I’m going to include this as part of a submission packet whenever I can get my portfolio together. I have a bit of design work to take care of today, but if I can get a few spare minutes I may go ahead and do a type treatment for this.

Hope you enjoy, and y’all keep warm out there!

star wars blind padawan faces off against cave monsters

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