The Festival (for real this time)

Hey folks!

After posting that last version of The Festival, I got a ton of great feedback from a variety of artists on Facebook, including a few very illustrative paintovers. I put the input to good use and reworked the file with about 20 additional layers.

I’m not messing with this any more (until I do, I suppose). I got some great feedback from Thomas Oliver Mahon(thanks SO MUCH for the paint over man!), Sam GonzálezMelanie Maier,Johnny Morrow and quite a few others, so I implemented what I felt best helped the pic. I dropped the flying beastie, because ultimately I felt it really didn’t add anything to the narrative I was trying to show.

P.S. I have to doubly thank my lovely wife Tracy for her input on this. My color-blindness made the red/green adjustments on this one really difficult, and she stepped up and really helped me out on keeping the colors non-stupid.

Clicky to embiggen.

the festival based on h.p. lovecraft story of the same name.

Here’s the after/before on that pic. Bottom one was my original “stopping point,” but Thomas Mahon confirmed my suspicions that it was too washed-out and lacked punch. I also corrected some anatomy on the central character, added in some extra crowd, and oh hell you can see the differences 😛


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