The Festival

Here’s a challenge entry, based off Lovecraft’s short story “The Festival.” My inspiration quote from the story was “Fainting and gasping, I looked at that unhallowed Erebus of titan toadstools, leprous fire and slimy water, and saw the cloaked throngs forming a semicircle around the blazing pillar.” Mood and feel were the two buzzwords of the challenge.

I *think* this is pretty much done at this point. Went in and tightened up a few areas, and reworked the guy. I double-checked the brief, and it said that era-appropriate clothing and whatnot were expected, so I decided to make it set in the 18th century. So the dude gets a tricorn hat and knee breeches. I’m up for C&C as always, so please shred this bad boy or I don’t get any better.

Is the flying cthulu-monster too much? Anyone have any suggestions for a more “finished” look? I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting that pro-level polish to my pieces lately.


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