Beach town final

Hi folks! Here’s the final on that beach town from the story on which I’m working. I’m still working on my hand studies for this week, but I needed a break, so this seemed a good thing to finish while I jammed out on Karnivool and watched James Zapata’s lifestream on my main monitor. I could get in and render this a lot further, I think, but as it’s more of a mood piece I don’t really see the need for this particular pic.

I’ve got my Ascension 4 piece for Draw or Die coming up next, and it’s going to be a doozy. We’ve got a Michael Jordan of an art director for this one, and I’m going to kick this one in the ass, even if I’m not thrilled with the subject matter. I’m not much of an H.P. Lovecraft fan, but we’re illustrating a scene from his short story “The Festival.” So I’ll get to try my hand at horror 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Beach Town

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