Current works-in-progress

Hello to all!

Man, this is the longest I’ve gone without a post in quite a while. Sorry about that 😦 I’m still having a giant pity-party and consequently having trouble getting motivated. Time to just buckle down and do the work, I guess.

Here are a couple of things I’ve been working on the last few weeks:


An update on that last pic I posted. The guy has several anatomy issues, which I intend to fix. I may wind up taking him back off, I’m not really sure yet. I think it kind of kills the openness and scale of the piece. The little guy on the ruined column should suffice. Matter of fact, I think I will pull Spear-Boy and use him on another piece, maybe.

For this month’s Draw or Die Ascension challenge, our mystery guest art director (omfg he’s a powerhouse in the art community) needed a bit more time to finish his brief, so I spearheaded a mini-challenge: a movie poster design!!! Unfortunately, my lack of discipline (plus a couple of commissions) didn’t allow me to finish my own damn challenge. But here are the ideas I was messing with.

First up was The Highlander. I thought it would be fun to redesign the character of the Highlander to have more of an Eastern martial flair, since his sword is a Japanese katana. It was a fun exercise in mixing the Japanese and Scottish influences, but ultimately didn’t feel it would be very striking as a poster design.

Highlander redesign

From there, I dropped back and punted, going with Beastmaster as my second choice. I wanted to go with an Alex Negrea-esque upshot, and tried to incorporate the Temple of Ar as a framing device. I think I’m still going to take this to finish, and redraw the temple to be more in proper perspective with Dar. This has been kind of fun so far. It’s definitely been an anatomy challenge.


Hope you enjoy! It may be a while before my next post, what with the holidays coming and all. I’m also planning —as a pre-New Year’s resolution— to start focusing less on finished drawings and more on fundamentals in the near future, so you’ll probably start seeing a lot of anatomy, perspective and fabric studies soon.


2 thoughts on “Current works-in-progress

  1. I simply love the first piece, I think you’ve nailed the death of field, the colours and the composition. I do agree that Spear-boy is a bit too off, I think he looks like he’s 40″ tall and grabs too much attention. But great work, as always. You are definitely one of my favourite artists.

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