Beachtown WIP

Hey guys! I’m not dead, promise. I’ve been busy with a bit of pizza magazine work and a few freelance jobs in between, so I’ve kind of been taking an art break and just putting together some crappy sketches here and there. It’s been fun 🙂

This is an early WIP establishing shot of a personal project I’ve been fooling around with for a while. I’m finally starting to get the basic story solidified, so I want to start putting some visuals down. Kind of “mood pieces,” if you will.

The idea behind this one is a far-flung post-apoc tropical fishing village. Basically paradise. I’m really trying to work on my stone and foliage rendering for this pic, as well as getting a much bigger sense of scale than I usually get. I have the worst trouble with that sense of HOLYSHITSOBIG you get from guys like Tyler Edlin and Kekai Kotaki. I honestly can’t figure it out.

I’m always open to crits and suggestions, if anyone wants to weigh in on these!

EDIT: HAHAHAHA!!!! I just noticed when I posted this that the giant skinny cliff looks like a high-five >_<


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