Hey folks!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much the last few days, but work has been pretty damn busy. Got a couple of websites I’m working on, plus newsletters, ads, and other pizza-related stuff I’m doing outside of my 9-5. Hasn’t left a lot of time to finish any drawing.

Got a bunch in the works, though! Hence the title of this post. Let’s see what we got!

sketch cards batman spider-man superman

Here are some initial block-ins on those sketch cards I posted the other day. All I can say is thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Photoshop’s liquify tool. Makes correcting those pesky anatomy inconsistencies a lot easier. I’m furthest on Superman, obviously, and I’m hoping I can find a little while soon to finish him up. I’m dying to get hold of that Spider-Man 🙂

mary geoff knight texas dr. who

This is a commission I’m getting close to finishing. The girl is an awesomely geeky co-worker who got married a few months ago. She wanted a Texas-flavored (that’s where they honeymooned) portrait of herself and her new hubby, dressed up as the 11th Doctor and River Song. She was kind enough to provide me some reference photos, as I’m only a few episodes into the 9th Doctor reboot. It’s been a fun piece so far, but I LOVE doing portraits in this manner. Side note: This is also the girl who commissioned me for the Battlestar Galactica wedding portrait a few years back.

ElfQuest Fantasy Quarterly 1

I am a HUUUUUUGGGE ElfQuest fan. I owe my entire art career to Wendy Pini’s influence. That’s not hyperbole. I’ve been reading comics since I was 2 years old, and somewhere around 1984-85 I came across a Marvel reprint of ElfQuest #2. It changed my life. I devoured the story, which was full of rich, fantastical, barbaric elves the likes of which I’d never even dreamed. I painstakingly copied Wendy’s lush art onto lined notebook paper, and that’s when my love affair with drawing was born. I got sidetracked by graphic design along the way, but I’ve known since I drew that first copy of Cutter that I wanted to be an artist. Richard Pini posted up a scan of the original lineart to Fantasy Quarterly #1, the first publication of ElfQuest, and I snagged it. My intention is to fully paint this thing out over Wendy’s lines as an homage to the beautiful lady that set me upon my own personal Quest. Side note: If you’re not familiar with the books, they’re all available to read, free of charge, at www.elfquest.com. Also, look up pics of Wendy Pini’s Red Sonja cosplay back in the ’80s. I mean, dayam.

Eric Summers office

Eric Summers workspace

This is more of a show-and-tell, but I recently came across a tumblr blog showcasing artists’ workspaces. I thought it was a neat idea, as I’ve never taken pics of my work environment. This is where I spend about 40% of my day. I seriously sit here, most days, from 5pm until midnight. My son comes and sits on my lap to watch movies with me or draw on my Cintiq while I work. When we bought our new house, I went ahead and splurged on a decent desk, knowing all my time would be spent in this corner. Oh, and the panorama makes it look WAY bigger than it actually is 😛

Hope everyone is well out there!!!

As a last little treat, gonna leave you with this ridiculously awesome photo. As a lifelong Star Wars geek, I have no idea why I’d never seen this before, but it just begs to be shared far and wide. I mean, holy shit Carrie Fisher was the hawt.

leia carrie fisher beach

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