Ascension 2: Thumbnails

Just to keep things moving…

The next Ascension challenge for the Draw or Die group is a pretty darn good one. The challenge is to take an idea (two, in my case) and thumbnail the hell out of it, find a couple that work, and do a client-ready sketch.

Not, like, a rough doodle where the client has to guess “oh, is that an arm, or his penis?” but a real, rendered-out comp-ready sketch. The goal for this challenge isn’t even a finished piece, but to explore the ideation process. 

It’s something I never do, but I’ve seen dozens of similar works from the likes of Drew Struzan and Justin Gerard, so I’m eager to try it out. I may even try taking the winner to final render. Anyhow, here’s my first batch of quick thumbs.

I was exploring two main ideas: A barbarian finding himself at odds with long-forgotten high technology, and a creepy Halloween theme. I really want to explore the barbarian concept more, as it may possibly tie in to an IP I’m developing, but hey, it’s October. Halloween is the bomb, yo. As I said earlier, though, I’ll probably do two final sketches, since we’re not doing finished pieces.

You guys have any thoughts on which ideas might be worth exploring? Any feedback is appreciated.

ascension 2 thumbs

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