Ellie-The Last of Us final painting

Hey out there! First up, let me say THANKS A TON to everyone who’s been stopping by to check out the blog and like the posts. I’ve had an influx recently of new folks, so thank you again for stopping by to check out my work! I really hope I can start updating a little more often, as I love love love posting new things. It’s like an addiction, man. I swear.

Here’s the final pic of Ellie, from The Last of Us. My new favorite game!!! SUCH a beautiful game, in all aspects. I was trying to treat this like a cover assignment, kind of a paperback tie-in or comic book type of thing. The initial sketch was pretty nasty, but I’m glad I decided to take it to finish, as this is by far the best result I’ve gotten yet from a grayscale-to-color piece. I normally suuuuuuuuuuccck at adding color after the value sketch, and it’s something I’ve been needing to practice more often.

Hope you enjoy! C&C always welcome!


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