Ellie- Last of Us part 2

Hey out there internet peoples! Quick update tonight, as I’ve got an Australian magazine due at the end of the week that I’ve got to get started. I’m still on sort of a high from finishing that Ascension piece, so I decided to take ol’ Ellie here to finish. (Side note: if you’re interested, Draw or Die is gearing up for our October challenge, art directed by none other than Chris Bjors. Get in on the fun!!!)

I’m actually having a bit of trouble getting Ellie’s likeness solidified as it is in the game. She always looks too old, no matter what I do, so I’m trying to make it kind of a combo of in-game portrait and her voice actress, Ashley Johnson. Not really pulling it off, but I’m still digging the way it’s going so far.

Anywho, here she be. Back to work with Eric!!! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Ellie Last of Us WIP 2

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