Ascension Book 1 – book cover challenge

This was my submission for the Ascension challenge over at DRAW OR DIE , a Facebook crit group I’m involved with. It’s a monthly challenge being art directed by industry professionals, and so far it’s been a TON of fun. I think it’s going to be a darn good way to build up my portfolio a bit as well. I’m planning on making the rounds at Illuxcon, Dragon*Con and any other high-profile shows where I can meet pro Art Directors. Gotta start rounding up some work, hopefully.

Anyhow, the challenge this month was to design a book cover featuring a non-caucasian heroine sci-fi warrior, holding two blades and standing on an outcropping with architecture in the background. Other than those stipulations, we were free to create the design and backstory. I had a good time with it 😀 I even threw in a cover mockup.

And yes, Dirk Winters is totally my pornstar name.

Hope you enjoy!

ascensionwithcopy ascension covercomp


Edit: Here’s a WIP .gif of how I painted the image.

Ascension progress animation

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