Rob Ryan “Che Guevara” sketch

Here’s a quick little sketch I whipped out tonight for a friend who has a lot of ties to New Orleans. This is Rob Ryan, defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, and a man with far, far too pretty a head of hair. Seriously, the guy’s hair is awesome. Like, Brad Pitt awesome. Anyhow!!!

My friend commissioned me to do a black and white “Che Guevara”-style drawing of Ryan for her to print on a shirt. I don’t know if he’s dining at her restaurant, or what the deal is, but I’m assuming he’s going to see it one way or another. I cobbled together a couple of reference images in Photoshop, then sketched the whole thing out in about an hour, trying to keep a graffittied, stenciled look to it. Not sure how successful it was, but it should make for a decently dramatic t-shirt.

It was a quick buck, but a FUN quick buck if you know what I mean. It was nice getting away from my ongoing work for a little while. 😀

Hope you enjoy!

Rob Ryan, New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator

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