Ellie – Last of Us

Hey out there!

Been a while, I know. It’s been cuh-RAZY around That Summers House™®©. I’m still working my crazy hours between the university and my two pizza mags. With a sprinkling of freelance on top of that. I’m working on the next Ole Miss Engineer cover right now, so hopefully I’ll have some process shots and initial colors later tonight. I’m also participating in a Facebook art group called Draw or Die. There are some pretty darn good artists around there, and each month we do a work-style assignment that’s art directed by an actual working professional. This month’s challenge is AD’d by Robbie Trevino, of Magic the Gathering and Applibot fame, while Chris Bjors is taking over October. The almighty James Zapata is AD’ing November’s challenge. I highly recommend getting involved, as it’s an amazing experience and chance to get professional feedback. And some amateur feedback as well, lol 😛

All that considered, I really don’t have anything I’m comfortable showing just yet, so let’s make do with this for now. Here’s a sketch of Ellie, from Last of Us, that I did today during a much-needed break at work. No spoilers please, I’m still making my way through the game for the first time 😛 It’s absolutely amazeballs, though. Seriously one of — if not the — best games I’ve ever played. Naughty Dog is such a beast of a developer.

Hope you enjoy! I should have a few other pics to show soon!

Ellie from Last of Us

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