I’m not dead! Promise!

brickMan, I need to update this page more often than I do. Just wanted to drop a line here and let everyone (all 20 of ya) know what’s been going on in ThatSummersWorld.

Since I started my job at Ole Miss back in June, I’ve basically been pulling 60+ hour weeks, working a standard 40 at the university, as well as 20 hours part-time designing at PMQ, my former job. I did this to help them out and maintain a steady second source of income (even though I’m currently handling the same workload for about half the salary I was making). Pile on other freelance work on top of that, and you can imagine how busy I’ve been the last few months.

I’m honestly not sure how long I can keep it up. It’s starting to have a detrimental impact on my family life, and I will not abide that for long.

In any case, I’ve tried my hardest to keep a couple of drawings and paintings going throughout all this, in order to maintain my sanity. Hopefully I can get caught up on stuff in the next week or so and post some more in-progress shots and finished works.

I’ve got three different personal projects I’m working on currently, including that children’s book I began in Montana, an illustrated short novel that I’m hashing out, and a series of mock book covers I’m putting together as a submissions portfolio. It’s a shit-ton of work, but I’m really pumped about getting it all rolling!

Thanks to everyone who frequents my site and takes time to give me feedback on my work. I honestly can’t say enough how much I enjoy interacting with folks through the web, and being part of the artistic community (however small a part that may be)! By God and sunny Jesus, I’m tired of not doing what I’m meant to be doing, so this is the year I get my shit together and start landing some honest illustration work.

Thanks for listening to an old guy rant. Peace and love to all y’all.

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