Doors of Stone

Well this only took forever. Here is my purely speculative take on how the cover of Doors of Stone, the third book in Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles, could look. I am absurdly enamored of these books. I spent longer on this piece than I normally do, primarily because of real-world work and family time, but I’m happy I did. I think it turned out relatively well, especially considering how large I painted it. The final is just shy of 9000px wide. I got some great feedback from other artists (HUGE props to Jason Rainville for a most excellent crit and paintover for explanation), and I think it helped out quite a lot. If you know the story, I put in all sorts of little easter eggs, which you might not be able to see on this file. If I get a spare minute I’ll post some detail shots soon. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, if anyone happens to know Pat, or wants to throw this piece in his direction, I totally wouldn’t mind 😛


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