Getting Ready for First Grade: Laurel’s Room Redo

Promoting a friend’s blog. If you’ve got kids, or just a crafty nature, their blog is a must-read. I was thoroughly impressed with her transformation of her daughter’s room. Good stuff and cool ideas.

From North to South

So, school starts in a couple of weeks. I know, right?! I can’t believe it either. It seems like we just got out for summer. But it’s true. I checked. And double checked. On August 7 I will officially be mom to a first grader.

laurelHow did that happen? I mean, seriously. I could have sworn she was just a baby. But no. Now she’s got snaggle teeth and these crazy long legs. And she can read and wash her own hair! She’s 6-and-a-half and the first to tell you that makes her almost a grown-up.

So, with school right around the corner and my girl becoming more independent, I wanted to give her room an update. Not only to match her evolving personality, but also to help her get more organized. The older she gets the more important it is for her to have control over her things and…

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