Doors of Stone linework

Ugh. So many effing books.

This is my completely uninformed take on the upcoming book Doors of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss, whose books I am currently obsessed with to an unhealthy degree. I’m trying to treat the project like a cover assignment.

Still debating on whether I should put Kvothe’s lute slung behind his other shoulder, considering his music is a really important part of the story. Any art buddies have any thoughts or crits before I take this thing to color?

Doors of Stone lineart

2 thoughts on “Doors of Stone linework

  1. Wow, that’s…um…yeah, a lot of books. But they look great, as do the characters. So is the stone door a magical portal type thing that just appears, in this case in a library? As for the lute, it might work if both her hands are around his shoulders.

    Haven’t heard of that series but might have to check it out, after I get done with all of the other books on my backlog. But fantastic work as always.

    1. Thanks Eric! Oddly enough, I’m really looking forward to painting them up. I think it’ll be fun once I get going, but the initial drawing sucked ass haha :P. As far as the book series, I seriously cannot recommend it enough. I’m more than a little obsessed with the two books that are out, and I honestly believe it’s the best fantasy series of the last decade.

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