Make Ugly: Update

I got some great feedback from fellow artists Ricky Martinez, Geoffrey Ernault and Luke Schroder over at Facebook, so I went in last night and updated my contest entries. I bumped up the blue side fills quite a bit and threw in some atmospheric perspective. I’m indebted to them, because I think it helped focus the pieces a whole lot better.


2 thoughts on “Make Ugly: Update

  1. Eric Summers!!!!!!!! How awesome is your work?! I am an artist and I would like to begin the process of “getting out there”…I live in Marks and Clay Vance saw some of my work and knows of some of the intentions that I have for my own work. He, in turn, recommended that I talk to you. A small comic (a work in progress) is available to all on drunkduck,com. The strip is called ITYS. I am open to suggestions…of course I know you will understand that! Good day, sir!

    1. Hey, I am SO sorry I’m just now replying to this!!! Stupid Akismet bot flagged it as spam because of the website you put in, and I just now discovered it. Sorry about that! Do you have a direct link to the comic? I tried searching DrunkDuck and didn’t have any luck for some reason. I’d love to take a look. Always great to hear from another local artist, so thanks for getting in touch! Tell Clay I said hey next time you see him.

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