Truth: Make Ugly

These are my entries for the Make Ugly contest over at DeviantArt. I keep telling myself I’m not going to enter these contests, but I keep coming up with reasons to do so.

This one in particular hit home with me. I’ve been a smoker (albeit not a heavy one) since I was a kid, and now that I’m a dad it scares me to death that my son will pick it up. I try not to do it around him, and I’ve had “the talk” with him a few times, but who knows if it’s sticking? He still sees me doing it, even if I go out back and keep it away from him. What kind of message does that send?

I’ve quit smoking before, but I have the same problem with cigarettes that I do with some foods and beer. I know they’re horrible for me, yet I enjoy them, so it’s hard to stay away. I try to take the same approach to both, in that I limit myself to one bad meal a week, or 1-2 cigarettes a week. I can see why people have so much trouble quitting. Even knowing the risks, it’s too tempting when the product is reasonably cheap, addictive, and shoved in your face constantly. And yeah, even the anti-smoking stuff is still shoving cigarettes in your face.

Anyway, the theme was to portray an anti-smoking message through one of four themes: Monster, Giant, Undead or Mutant. I went with Monster to begin with. After spending an evening or two on it, I went back and reread the official rules and hit a snag. Apparently, the work cannot contain a recognizable image of a living person other than the entrant. So, as my painting is based off my son, I’m not sure how the work would fall. To that end, I reworked it and added in the Undead theme. From an emotional standpoint, that was seriously difficult to paint, let me tell you.

Hope you enjoy!

MakeUgly MakeUgly-v2

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