Man of Steel

I always loved those shots at the end of the original Superman films where Kal-El is coming out of the sunrise as he orbits Earth. I’m hoping they continue that in the new film. This was a LOT of fun to work on over the last two evenings, and I feel I learned a bit as far as keeping a scene coherent. I also tried REALLY hard not to fall back into my usual habit of painting everything with local color. Hope you enjoy!
Edit: OMFG, just got back from seeing the movie. TOTAL AMAZEBALLS. That was seriously the biggest spectacle I’ve ever seen in a theater, and I for one loved the story choices they made. Great casting, solid story, wicked villains…that was everything a Superman movie should be, and now I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel. Oh yeah, Henry Cavill faaaaaaaarrrrrr exceeded my expectations as Kal-El. And holy shit at Kevin Costner’s portrayal of Jonathon Kent. Those fights, man…those fights.
Now I can’t get the John Williams theme out of my head

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