Truth-Make Ugly prelim

I honestly feel dirty for having even sketched this. It’s a preliminary sketch for a contest sponsored by Truth (yeah, those guys with the obnoxious yet memorable anti-smoking ads). The goal was to take smoking and “make it ugly” using the themes of “monster,” “undead,” and a couple of others I couldn’t think of.

I originally wasn’t going to enter anything, but this image and the overall theme of the contest got into my head and would not let go. It’s a subject that hits really close to home for me. Despite all my efforts over the years, I’m still smoking (albeit very infrequently and usually in a social setting). I’m scared to death it’s something my son is going to pick up. Yes, I’ve already had THE TALK with him several times.

I’ve yet to decide just how far I want to push this, i.e. leave him more natural, or go all out and hit the undead theme as well.

I honestly don’t know if I can bring myself to paint it.


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