Well, I think I’m about ready to call this one done at last. Only took me about 80 hours over the course of two years. Painted this at a whopping 18,000px wide, so it’s one of the larger files I’ve ever done. Gonna have it printed out somewhere around 30″ wide x 1 foot tall to go on my son’s wall. Brady is cobbled together from several different references, and the ‘toons are lifted straight from marketing promo shots, in order to keep them as close to the on-screen look as I can.

I actually started this one back in 2011, when my son was just over 2 years old. I decided to go back and redraw his face this year and finally finish out the piece with a more reasonable amount of polish. Frankly, I could keep going on this forever, but with it being such a large file, I could spend weeks doing nothing else but detail work. I’m happy with how it stands now, so I think it’ll stay as-is.

Seems like this one is all I’ve been working on lately, so it’s gonna be nice to move on and get some more projects going. I’ve got a few ideas, and I need to start laying down colors on that Blind piece from a few weeks ago. I really want to expand on that story.

Technically Ralph's not Pixar, but my son loves him, so he belongs with the rest.
Technically Ralph’s not Pixar, but my son loves him, so he belongs with the rest.

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