Sometimes, ya just gotta start over.

Here’s a lesson in experimentation vs. confidence. Below is my progress so far on my Game of Thrones poster.

GoTbetterBelow that is a side by side of where it is now versus where it was headed. This is about 12 hours of over-rendering and Photoshop experimentation compared to about 2 hours of sheer pissed-off. The old version was absolutely driving me crazy in the fact that, despite almost two decades of Photoshop experience, I couldn’t make it do what I wanted. Every color wash I tried kept coming out flat, gray and shitty, no matter what blend mode I used, no matter what color I used, no matter anything. The one at right was done this afternoon, after I got supremely pissed at my lack of progress and reverted to techniques with which I’m familiar. Already, I’ve got more confidence in the piece, I’m happier in general with the colors, and I can “see” where I want it to go.


I guess the lesson here is this: Experiment and have fun, it’s the only way to grow your skillset and become a better artist, but don’t just throw out what works for you in order to try something new on a piece you need to get finished.

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