Tomb Raider initial sketch

I said that, after the Barnabas Collins debacle, that I’d never enter another DeviantArt contest, but here I am getting ready to enter TWO! There’s a really kickass contest based around the new Tomb Raider reboot game, and a really, really neat contest to illustrate some short stories by Neil Gaiman. The latter is actually dangerously similar to a crowdsourcing venture, which I utterly despise, but I’m willing to put my integrity on hold as it sounds like a really cool project.

Anyhow, here is my initial sketch and value comp for my Tomb Raider piece. I haven’t yet decided whether I want it to be daylight or raining, so the values may reverse themselves, but the basics are there. I’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this thing, but I haven’t seen any entries like mine so far, and I’m stoked about the idea. There are some REALLY good entries in this contest so far, but what do you expect with a $6,000 grand prize and a guarantee of international print coverage?

I’ve got about two weeks to get these entries together, so I’m gonna have to put my Blind pic on hold for a bit.

Hope you enjoy!

colors pt 1
Skipped a few steps lol
Final sketch
Final sketch
lara croft hanging from rope in cave
Well hey there, Lara!

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