Blind, updated

Still piddling with the layout on this one. I haven’t had a lot of time to draw, what with our move and all. Other personal issues have cropped up, delaying the unpacking and pushing back drawing time even further, but I think all that’s sorted out now. Anyway, here’s my unnamed blind post-apocalyptic heroine. I need to find some ref for the dogs, obviously. You can tell I don’t draw too many canines lol 😛 She’s not a warrior, per sé, but she and her dogs don’t exactly back down from a fight, either. I’m going to add a bunch of little gewgaws to her outfit, such as easily-accessible training whistles and a pouch with biscuits, etc.

I’m having a lot of fun so far with the whole post-apocalyptic thing right now. Even though it’s possibly my all-time favorite genre, I’ve never really done any drawings of that nature, so this has been a hoot thus far. Gonna ink & color the whole thing digitally, kinda comic-book style. One of these days I might get a large format printer and try out the digi-layout/blueline print/pencil method I’ve seen a lot of artists using lately. Mark Brooks and Ryan Ottley are two superstars I can think of off the top of my head that have used this to great effect. The idea of doing layout digitally really appeals to me, as I’m constantly thinking of stuff to add in to a picture of this nature. If I was drawing it straight to board, I’d probably wear a hole in the paper with my eraser.

Hope you enjoy!


Blind woman with dogs in post-apocalyptic society
Yet another wanderer of the wasteland, eh?

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