Dragon Falls – final

Calling this one done, at last. I’m still not happy with the dragons. I didn’t push them as far from the komodos I referenced as I should have, but overall I’m pretty happy with this piece. It’s the first pic I’ve done in a while that has a full-scale environment, so that was a little bit of a challenge. I leave it to the viewer to determine whether I succeeded or not 🙂

Thinking about having this one printed and framed. I dunno. I’ve spent a LONG time (comparatively) working on this, and we’re gonna need some color on the walls once we move into our new house next week. OH, HEY! I got a new house! It’s the awesomesauce. I’ll put up some pics once we get settled in a bit. I’m gonna have a new desk and workspace and everything! Yay!

Hope you enjoy!



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