Logo concepts

Edit 1-14-13: Sent the concepts off to the client, and apparently there was a misunderstanding on my part. I wasn’t supposed to offer actual logo concepts, but rework the tribal tattooey design he originally sent me. So, in the spirit of that, here’s the reworked sketch. He likes where this one is headed, so I guess I’ll get started on the cleanup, typography and vectorization tomorrow. Joy!


Edit: Oh wow, this is my 100th post to ThatSummersGuy.com since I went live in April 2012…yay for me! Now for more frequency…

I probably shouldn’t show this yet, but I haven’t made a post in several days, and I need to keep myself going…

These are a few logo concepts that I’ve whittled down (from about 30 sketches) for a local fitness company. It’s pretty straightforward. The company is Oxford Crossfit, and they’re celebrating the Chinese Year of the Ox, so off we go with the ox designs! The only stipulations were that the logo somehow incorporate a powerful ox with a cross branded on the shoulder area.

I’m focusing primarily on the graphic aspect of the logo for now, and not the typography. Once we pick a direction, I’ll work in matching type to tie the whole unit together.

The top two are relatively similar, a straight representation of the ox with the shoulder cross, as specified. I wanted a couple of versions that would show both motion and solidity.

Number 3 is closer to the tribal look of the original graphic the client showed me. It implies “sports” via similarities to national sports team looks, and the wide top shifting to narrow taper implies strength and motion. Something like this would probably appeal more to the younger crowd that they’re targeting, although I’d suggest we work in a 2nd color if they choose to go in this direction.

Number 4 is a more clean, graphic approach, using a stylized steer skull with the inset cross. It is more instantly recognizable and easier on the eye than the previous versions, and provides a slicker and more professional feel to the business.

Hope you enjoy! I’d love to hear any feedback on this!


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