That ol’ Xmas spirit…

Update: First round of colors. Think I’m done with this for the day. Gonna try and tweak it tomorrow and get it off to the printer. I like it so far 🙂 Colors are inspired in part by Adam Hughes and Franchesco.


Update: Final inks. Time to get rolling on colors, eh?


Update: Finished “pencils.” I’m reaaaally short of time on this one, so it’s going to be a bit more comic-style than normal. Gonna go in and ink it digitally tomorrow, then start laying in colors.


Update: Did a bit more refined drawing. Still have to put in a bunch of other toys and knick-knacks on the workbench, but this is a good general idea of the layout.


Quickie sketch of my son as Santa’s Little Helper. This is an idea for a Christmas card. I know, I know, I’m late as heck on this, but we have a small friends and family list 🙂

My son as Santa's Little Helper
My son as Santa’s Little Helper

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