Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time – The Good Guys

Here’s a pic I’ve been working on sporadically for the last two months. It’s kind of a re-draw of a pic I did back in 2003 (with a mouse, no less), but I wanted to update it and give it a new aesthetic.

I had originally planned to keep everything within a frame and paint up a bunch of decorative elements, but I got to playing around with some spatter brushes I downloaded (sorry, can’t remember where, so if you see something you recognize, please msg me and I’ll be happy to credit) and I realized it would work a lot better as an open piece. I realize I painted some of the women a LOT sexier than they’re portrayed in the book, but hey, I’m a guy. I like my women sexy, and besides, an awful lot of words are used to describe how beautiful they all are, so why not capitalize on it…

I’m a HUGE Wheel of Time fan, and cannot wait for the final book to release in January. See if you can guess the characters!

I used a metric ton of ref for this one, so here’s the list. If you see something I might have left off, please send me a note and I’ll correct. I THINK I have everyone accounted for here.













4 thoughts on “Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time – The Good Guys

  1. Hey Eric,

    Warren Brandon here (Amanda’s husband). Cool looking project. I’m in the process of reading the WOT series. Started around June and am now reading Lord of Chaos (book 6). I’m trying to finish the series in time for the final book release.

    Interesting perception of character appearance. I’m always curious to see how WOT readers imagine the characters’ appearances. Since I’m not an artist and therefor not very creative; I pick famous actors as to who I would cast for a visual.

    Glad to have you back in MS.


    1. Hey man! Great to hear from you! I’ve done that a time or two, putting famous faces to book characters, but it usually tends to detract from the piece, unless I’m doing a straight portrait. Congrats on the upcoming little one!

      Hope you’re enjoying the series. I’m wrapping up book 11 right now, and I’d completely forgotten how awesome it gets once some of the storylines start paying off. I’m jonesing pretty hard for the last book, which is getting excellent advance reader reviews.

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