PMQ Cover Work-in-progress, Part 2.

Putting it up for the day, but this is getting pretty close to finished. Couldn’t help it, I wound up going with the Rim Light o’ Doom™ after all, but I kinda like having this with a bit heavier lineart showing and more of a graphic feel. I was originally going to stick with the painterly feel, but it’s just not…me. I seem to recall writing a post about that very subject not too long ago.

The logos on the shirt are a compromise with my employer. He stated, and I quote, that the pic “just doesn’t feel like a pizza shop. It needs to have more going on. That could be a piece of clip art, or somebody’s house or something.” After the murderous rage passed and my eyesight went from red to normal, we sort of agreed on giving them uniforms, after a fashion. I may wind up taking them off on the final version for sale, but I’m honestly not sure about that yet. It’s a generic enough logo that I may leave it.

The original idea I had for this (and it’s possible I didn’t convey that properly) was that the pic would be pretty ambiguous as far as setting. I was more concerned with the whole “Norman Rockwell” vibe. I wanted it to be visible as either a store or someone’s home. Although I don’t know ANYONE, even pizzaiolos, who has a full-size stainless steel prep table and giant brick wood-burning oven in their house.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! There may be an update coming soon, as I’m sure I’ll have a few tweaks before we go to press on Tuesday. Maybe then I can finish my Wheel of Time piece!



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