Old cover…just because.

As mentioned in my last post, this is that cover I did back in October ’04 (along with the sketch – holy shit I can’t believe I found that!) for PMQ Magazine. Was going for a hard Rockwell vibe, and oh gawd, how I sucked back then. I’m kinda proud of the fact that 90% of this is totally made up, not so proud of the fact that I pretty much straight ripped that little girl off of a stock photo. This was the kickoff issue for our New York Pizza Show, so that’s why there’s umpteen billion small references to NYPS throughout the pic. Not gonna do that with the new one.

And man, I’ve gotten so much faster. I seem to recall that I spent like 65+ hours on this. Seriously. It took me forEVER.

Oh, and I still laugh my ass off at Tim Buck, Jr. flour. Get it? Timbuktu? …I’m a riot.



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