Familia Italiana

Here’s a quickie. This will be the cover for the November issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine, a pizza industry trade publication. Once again based off me and my family, since I can’t afford models, hahaha 😛

The basic idea behind this is the idea of family, and pizza being a traditionally family business. I wanted to convey the pride in a mom n’ pop store passing down their knowledge to the next generation of pizzaioli. I wanted the mom to be encouraging, the dad proud. Dunno if I pulled it off in the expressions, but I think it’s a good start. The final painting is going to be an homage to Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers, sort of “Italiana-Americana.” There’ll be the opening of a pizza oven behind them, providing a light source, and pizza ingredients scattered all over the table, along with a liberal dusting of flour on both the table and the kid. I think this is going to be a much more painterly pic than my last few I’ve done, so my base sketch was done with a 1-pixel brush to facilitate the lineart coverup.

I’m sort of doing this on my own dime for right now. I work for the company, but I’m actually painting on my own time so it can’t be classified as work-for-hire. My ultimate goal is to print these things on-demand and sell them as prints to pizzerias across the country. I sort of did this back in 2004 with another cover, but we went about it wrong. We dropped a buttload of money, got a ton of 24×36″ posters printed up beforehand, and then managed to break even on sales, but I never saw a dime off them. Hopefully this time will go better.

Drawn at 13 x 17 (to fit the mag’s proportions) at 300 dpi, Photoshop CS5, Wacom Cintiq 21UX


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